Drumbeats to release Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report are getting louder.

A Quinnipiac University poll found 84 percent of American voters surveyed want the report to be made public.

If Attorney General William Barr ignores these calls and refuses to release full report within a week, he will leave the public no choice but to conclude he is involved in a cover-up effort to protect President Donald Trump.

It took Barr just two days to write a summary of the Mueller’s findings and give it a spin that made his boss, the president, look good. It’s puzzling why he seems to be having so much difficulty releasing the full report.

It’s time for him to release the full report immediately to let the public to read for themselves and verify or reject his conclusions.

Why is it taking so long to provide the report to Congress? What is Barr afraid of?

As things stand now, Barr’s report is already doing a lot of damage to the American public. Armed with the rosy Barr summary, Trump and his surrogates have unleashed a misinformation campaign, geared toward influencing public opinion and inoculating Trump against any damning findings that may come out of the report.

The Attorney General should not stall and watch as his 4-page Mueller probe spin is used to negatively prime and feed propaganda to Americans.

It’s ludicrous but not surprising that instead of uniting the country and urging the release of the full report, Trump is choosing to weaponize the Barr summary. It is remarkable the President is now praising Mueller after spending two years lashing out at the investigation calling it a witch-hunt.

Additionally Trumps vindictive efforts to intimidate members of the media and Democratic politicians for stating their opinions about the investigation is alarming despotic behavior.

Trump’s vindictive and vengeful pronouncements stemming from the Barr version of the report, makes the release of Mueller’s findings and all the evidence an urgent matter of public interest and Americans cannot wait for weeks as sources in Department of Justice have suggested.

The window for Barr to make things right is closing fast.

Barr should immediately release the full unredacted report to Congress. He must additionally present them with all the underlying evidence and testimonies Mueller used to arrive at his conclusions.

Failure to release the report by the April 2nd deadline set by Democratic committee leaders, should be perceived as stonewalling or a cover-up effort.

If that happens, Congress must immediately issue a subpoena to Barr and find him in contempt of Congress if he does not comply.

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