Steps To Providing Safe Home-Care For Covid-19 Patients
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Caring for confirmed COVID-19 patients at home can be a daunting and even scary undertaking. But with the virus spreading fast and overwhelming our healthcare systems, it’s important to learn how to safely provide care to our loved one at home.

COVID-19 is a new virus that is still under intense study and discoveries. One common thing about it is that there is a need for home care pre or post-hospital stay.

Some patients will need care at home if they do not meet the criteria for hospitalization, reserved for those who genuinely need it due to limited resources in most facilities.

For those meeting the criteria and for hospitalization then discharged, there will be a need for continuation of care at home.

In both pre and post-hospitalization home care, the critical factor is infection control and prevention. Emotional support for both the caregivers and the patient will also be essential, particularly in cases where there is a loss of income.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed the chart below to help guide caregivers at home.

For more information about fighting COVID-19,  click this link to visit the WHO website.

COVID-19 Homecare chart by World Health Organization


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