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An Ethiopian Airlines plane on the way to Nairobi, Kenya, crashed in Addis Ababa, just a 6 minutes after take-off, killing all 157 passengers and crew aboard.

The dead are from are from at least 35 countries according to Associated Press. 

Names of the victims have not been released but 32 Kenyans and 8 Americans are among those confirmed dead.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office released the following statement on Twitter.

It’s a mystery why the brand new Boeing 737 Max 8 plane in clear weather. The accident is similar to October 2018 crash of an Indonesian Lion Airline plane that killed 189 people according to Associated Press.

This accident adds more scrutiny on  Boeing 737 Max 8. According to a BBC report, 737 Max 8 has several different features compared to Boeing’s older models. A Jakarta-based aviation expert Gerry Soejatman said the jet’s engine is “a bit further forward and a bit higher in relation to the wing. That affects the balance of the plane.”

According to The New York Times, Officials are investigating whether changes to the Max 8’s automatic controls might have sent that flight into an unrecoverable nose-dive.

In Nov 2018, following the Lion Airline plane crash, Boeing released a field bulletin warning passengers and operators about 737 Max safety concerns. The bulletin alerted airlines that erroneous readings from a flight-monitoring system can cause the planes to abruptly dive according to a Bloomberg News Report. 

Boeing, the manufacturer of the plane, has released the following statement on Twitter regarding the crash.

Ethiopian Airlines is considered one of the safest Airlines in the world with a 6/7 star rating in Airline safety ratings. Ethiopian Airlines currently has 5 Boeing 737 Max 8 planes in its fleet all less than 1 year old.

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has released the following message of condolence on Twitter.

Ethiopian Airlines has released the following statement on Twitter.

The US Embassy in Ethiopia released the following message on Twitter

This is a developing story. We will update as more reports come in.

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