Bye Bye Vegas, Rugby Sevens Comes To Los Angeles; Cue The Kenyans
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Kenyans all over US are getting ready for Rugby Sevens, this time in LA. The annual tournament kicks off Feb 29th to March 01, 2020.

This time the event will be held in Los Angeles and not at the traditional venue in Las Vegas. Kenyans from all over US often look forward to the event as an opportunity to cheer their country and make it a vacation as well.

Some are worried this year’s event may not be as fun because the environment in LA is not as permissive as Vegas. The cost of booking hotel rooms and available options is also a concern.

“Vegas is the best place for rugby,” one Kenyan fan said. “LA is expensive and hard to drive around.”

But despite the challenges some may perceive from the tournament being held in LA, many are planning to attend and cheer on the Kenya team vigorously. Kenyan fans are known to be the life of the party at every Rugby Sevens tournament.

Kenyans, however, will have to get used to going to LA for the Sevens tournament.

According to the AEG Rugby Website, it’s probably bye-bye Vegas. The US leg of the HSBC Sevens series will be held in LA for the next 4 years and is billed to be one of the biggest annual sporting events in LA. While that might be rich especially in LA, home of LeBron James and the LA Lakers, it’s good to see Rugby taking it’s place in the heart of US entertainment industry.

Expect Kenyans to show up and yes, speak a lot of Kiswahili.

Dressed in Kenyan red, green, black and white stripes flag outfits, Kenyans are easy to spot and always hangout together in one corner section of the stadium to cheer on Shujaa, the Kenyan team with hype songs, drumbeats and sometimes vuvuzelas. It’s an environment of adrenaline-pumping fun especially when the Kenyan team is winning.

Tickets are on sale ranging from $140 for general admission and $800 for Captain’s VIP Lounge.

The HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series is an annual series of international rugby sevens tournaments taking place over 10 global cities including Paris, London, Hong Kong and Sydney, and featuring national teams from the top 16 countries according to the AEG website.

Squads and pools have not yet been announced.

The event kicks off in less than 40 days at Dignity Health Sports Park. Click this link for updates.



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