Kenyan Golfers Headed to the Annual Safari North Carolina October Fest Tournament
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Kenyans from all over the US are making their way to North Carolina for Safari NC 2021 Golf Tournament.

The annual event was scrapped last year due to Covid restrictions, but the mainly Kenyan golfers are getting ready to tee off in a contest that’s likely to display skills, test egos, build new friendships, and crown champions.

“So far, we have about 48 signed up 35 from out of state. We have 3 women signed up,” Eric Huruko, NC team captain, said. 

In a brief statement sent on Whatsapp, the organizers welcomed the amateur golfers and rolled the red carpet.

NC Tournament organizers welcome you all to our Annual 2-Day Octoberfest Tournament. Thank you for taking your time and resources to join us and make this event as enjoyable as possible. You’ve practiced all year, it’s time to showcase your skills. Let’s do this!”

The two-day event is mainly sponsored by the Africa Welfare Association (AWA) and NC Safari Golf Club, takes place on October 9 and the 10th weekend. 

The tournament will include other fun contests, such as an award for the longest drive, two prizes for landing the ball closest to the pin, in addition to the women’s and men’s championship trophy sponsored by AWA.


Safari NC 2021 flyer and contact information

Safari NC 2021 aims to be a competitive outing where players must earn their accolades. 

“This is the real deal PGA-type tournament. Ball has to get in the cup,” Huruko said. “All strokes count, no gimmies, no improving your lie,”

Unlike other tournaments where participants play the best ball after the first drive, the Safari NC tournament will follow USGA golf rules to make it fair for every golfer.

For the tournament to keep moving apace, mulligans are not allowed, and players have a maximum of 3 minutes to search for a lost ball.

As for the dress code –“look good,” Huruko said.

Reigning champion Samuel Mwaura from Seattle, Wa., is expected to defend his title. Mwaura shot 3 strokes under par in the 2019 tournament, besting his closest rival Zack Kinyanjui, who shot 1 stroke under par.

Organizers thanked sponsors Akenge Missions, Chavez Graphics, and Safari Eatz for supporting the tournament.

The tournament will not be broadcasted on ESPN or the Golf Channel, but HSN will keep you updated on the site and on Twitter using #SafariNC2021. Follow and tag your photos and videos of the event to @MauriceNdole or @Thehotseatnews on Twitter.

Saturday tee-off is at The Neuse Golf Club, from 11 am, and Sunday at Riverwood Golf Club, from 10 am. See the flyer for details.


Africa Welfare Association (AWA) Safari NC 2019 trophy, won by Samuel Mwaura, of  Seattle, Wa.




Photos courtesy of Eric Huruko, NC Team Captain. 

Date and Addresses of the events:

Saturday, October 9, 2021

The Nuese Golf Club

918 Birkdale Drive

Clayton, NC 27527

Tee Time: 11 AM

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Riverwood Golf Club

400 Riverwood Drive,

Clayton, NC 27527

Tee Time: 10 AM



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